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Sean Wotherspoon Levi's 505 Fruits & Veggies Denim Pants

Sean Wotherspoon Levi's 505 Fruits & Veggies Denim Pants

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1-of-1 pair of Sean Wotherspoon Fruits & Veggies vintage denim pants. Sourced and embroidered locally here in Los Angeles, they feature various fruit and vegetable designs embroidered throughout the shorts. Each pair of vintage pants is unique and no two are alike!


Vintage Acknowledgment

  • You are purchasing a one-of-one vintage piece, ranging in age up to 50+ years old. 
  • Each piece may contain distressing, discoloration/fading, paint splatter, and will vary in size and dimensions.
  • Sizes may vary due to the age, wear and wash of the vintage article’s life cycle.
  • We cannot offer replacements or alternate sizes due to the nature of how this product is sourced.
  • Please wash with care. Use a delicate cycle or wash by hand and hang dry for best results. Avoid extreme heat if possible


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