Bret Hitman Hart Sharpshooter T


Known as the "Excellence of Execution," Bret Hart is remembered today as being one of the most proficient professional wrestlers to ever make his way into the ring. Bret Hart matches are famous for their slow, psychological pacing. Bret's strategy typically included isolating a single body part, and spending the entire match focusing on punishing slams, knee drops and elbow strikes while intertwining submission and mat-based wrestling to set up for his finisher, "The Sharpshooter" leg-lock submission.

The true secret to The "Hitman's" work however is that he was an incredible "seller," meaning he knew how to make his opponent's offense feel realistic and brutal. And the true secret to being a great wrestler is making your opponent look better than yourself, which in turn just puts you over when you get the victory. Every Bret Hart match felt like he was going into a battle, usually ending with a physically spent Hart pulling out just one last stop at the end toward a victory. And THAT is what makes the "Hitman" one of the greatest of all-time.



Pit-to-Pit: 20 in
Length: 29.5 in

Typical vintage wear. Cracking and/or fading throughout.